Group purpose, goals, values


1.To provide a training environment for highly qualified people to develop skills in organic synthesis, coordination chemistry, and related methods of materials characterization, with a focus on small molecule X-ray crystallography.

2.To study structure-function relationships towards (1) improving molecular design for sensing environmental (oxo-)anions; (2) designing and producing single molecule magnets for device memory; and (3) incorporating switches into materials.


1.To synthesize organic molecules that are capable of simultaneous (1) coordination of metal cations; (2) hydrogen bonding with anions; and (3) that result in complexes with tunable properties, including switchable fluorescence, magnetism, or electrochemistry.

2.To communicate our work to each other, the larger scientific community, and to Canadians (because we are a federally funded research group).

3.To transfer skills from undergraduate or graduate programs to careers or further studies in areas of interest to group members.


1.Workplace safety


3.Open communication